How to Book an

Online Lecture

How to Book a

Virtual Guest Professor

1. Choose Your Subject

Click on the Subjects tab and choose the main subject of the lecture you would like. It could be Business & Entrepreneurship, Engineering & Science, Medicine, Law or Politics. Click on the Subject picture to view our database of Professors in that subject.

2. Choose Your Professor

Once you click on the subject you will see all the Professors that lecture in that subject. You can watch their introduction videos to learn more about them, or click on their name to see their full profile, where you can see sample lectures, and languages that they can lecture in. You can also click on Professional Profile to see their Linkedln or University page.

3. Fill the Booking Form

Once you have found the Professor you want click on the Book now link. It will take you to our Booking Form where you can fill our your details and request a lecture. please remember this must be done at least 5 days in advanced.

4. Wait for Confirmation of Lecture

We attempt to answer all emails within 48h but sometimes it may take more time. If the Professor is not available on the days you asked for, we may come back to you with an alternative. Sit tight! We will get back to you as soon as we can.

5. Use the Link We Send to Log into the Lecture

When the lecture is confirmed we will send you a Google Meetings link. You will need a working internet connection and Google Chrome to be able to run these meetings. You can distribute the link to your students and/or the public. Each person can log in on their own or you can log in as a group!

6. Send Us your Feedback at the End of the Lecture

Please remember to send us some feedback once the lecture is over. This can be done by the students or by you! We would love feedback on both the professor and your overall experience. You can email to let us know how we did.

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