Prowibo Online is an exciting new initiative designed to connect leading academics and professionals with institutions worldwide with just a click. We have a team of volunteers from all over the globe who work around the clock to find experts in various fields to fill the knowledge gap. Prowibo Online recruits leading academics from reputable institutions to conduct virtual guest lectures for businesses and university classes. 

Our professors are experienced in teaching university-level courses. All programmes are aimed at university students but assume no prior knowledge in the taught subject. As classes are student-focused, the teacher adapts to the level of the students and the class dynamic plays a big role in shaping the content and pace of the course.

Our courses are taught by academics and professionals who are experts in their field. All our professors go through a thorough selection process ensuring that we only bring the best and most inspiring people to our students. Furthermore, many professors have come from the world’s leading academic institutions, international organisations and companies. To see the wide range of subjects we offer and the volunteers who conduct our lectures, click here

These guest lectures are free of charge. This is a cash-free transaction where we provide education and educators upon the invitation of a hosting institution. 

We are currently funded through generous private donations. Our educators volunteer their time and are not paid.  Our founders and support staff are all volunteers. If would like to support us, please visit our page.

If you are interested in becoming a guest professor, fill out our application.  If selected, we will request a headshot to be added to our website. If an institution requests to book you, we will reach out with requested dates and times. Due to the voluntary nature of our programme, you are under no obligation to conduct any lecture that is requested of you. Denying a lecture does not hurt your chances of being requested for future lectures. 

This platform works with your schedule to find volunteer professors who fit the needs of your institution. Nobody knows everything and it’s fun to hear perspectives from around the world. Our guest professors are volunteering their time and expertise to help fill the knowledge gap and offer your students a new voice.

Booking a guest professor through our platform is easy! Simply fill out our booking form and request which professor you would like, which topic you would like them to teach on and three dates and times that would work for you. We ask that you give at least 5 days notice in order to coordinate with our professors. We will reach out to the professor with the proposed dates and times and communicate until a time is agreed upon. Our People and Project Coordinator will make an introduction and send out Google Meets invitation to all parties involved.